Education Aid, Inc. Announces First Recipient of the $5,000 Gay Dating - Speak Out Against Prejudice Scholarship!

Victim of bullying and prejudice benefits from innovative scholarship program.

Victim of bullying and prejudice benefits from innovative scholarship program. Tenafly, NJ – (August 10th, 2012) Education Aid, Inc. has announced the recipient of the first Gay Dating - Speak out against Prejudice Scholarship Program. The recipient, Qesar Veliu, is a law student at Quinnipiac University. Qesar, like many members of the GLBT community, has both witnessed and been a victim of bullying and prejudice. The Scholarship Program was created by Education Aid, Inc. and funded by Gay Dating Its purpose is to support a student pursuing a career that will make a difference in the fight against bullying, prejudice, and the negative stereotypes that are often associated with the GLBT community.

Many graduate students, including Qesar, have loans that exceed $100,000 upon completion of their degree. This scholarship will be instrumental in easing his financial burden and reduce his need to take out more loans as he completes his final semester, while simultaneously having to study for the bar exam. Qesar will have his non-tuition related expenses paid for by Education Aid while he is enrolled in school. Education Aid and Gay Dating are thrilled to be able to reward one student’s hard work and impact their future in a positive way.

“I plan on using my law degree to help the GLBT community in areas that affect gay couples such as income tax, trust and estates, and family law matters. I also want to work to ensure that same sex couples are entitled to equal protection and be an advocate for stricter anti-bullying and hate crime laws. Being selected for this scholarship program will be a tremendous help to me, especially during my final semester when I will be studying for the bar exam and have little time to work. The scholarship will help me immensely as it will allow me to focus more on my studies. I hope to use my law degree to help combat bullying and prejudice by being an advocate in my community. If I have to take the issue to the Governor's office, I will” said Qesar Veliu, the scholarship recipient.

Veliu will have $5,000 contributed towards his rent, textbooks, and school supplies for the 2012–2013 academic school year.

Education Aid, Inc. is excited to be able to support a student like Qesar, who is so passionate about doing his part to stop bullying, prejudice, and the negative stigmas associated with the GLBT community. “There are many costs, other than tuition, associated with earning your degree that typical financial aid packages do not cover,” said Karyn Balfour, the Founder and CEO of Education Aid. “Without any financial support to help pay for these expenses, students, especially graduate students, are forced to work and take out private loans just to pay for basic living expenses. For many graduate students, federal loans don’t even cover the cost of tuition depending on where you are going to school,” Balfour said. Education Aid pays for expenses the students cannot afford, thus providing the financial support necessary to keep the student in school until graduation. “We offer an innovative approach to making education accessible to many students who would otherwise not be able to afford to go to school,” Balfour said.

About Education Aid, Inc.

It is the mission of Education Aid to change the lives of students around the country by providing them with the financial support they need to complete their education. This is done through the Support a Student Scholarship Program. Participants of this Program will have payments made on their behalf for non-tuition related expenses that are not being covered by their current financial aid amounts. Many economically disadvantaged students do not receive enough financial support to pay for such expenses and ultimately end up dropping out of school. This Program was created to identify these students and provide them with the financial support necessary to enable them to complete their degrees. You can read more about Education Aid at:

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